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The data technology and communications sectors are crucial contributors to the GDP. Railway transport in Lithuania offers lengthy-distance passenger and cargo companies. Railways carry roughly 50 million tons of cargo and seven million passengers a yr.

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Lithuania is a member of the European Union and its GDP per capita is the highest in the Baltic states. Lithuania belongs to the group of very excessive human improvement nations and is a member of WTO and OECD. Lithuanians in the early 20th century have been among the many thinnest folks in the developed international locations of the world.

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The Commonwealth held its own towards Sweden, the Tsardom of Russia, and vassals of the Ottoman Empire, and even launched successful expansionist offensives against its neighbours. In several invasions during the Time of Troubles, Commonwealth troops entered Russia and managed to take Moscow and hold it from 27 September 1610 to four November 1612, once they were driven out after a siege. On 22 September 1236, the Battle of Saulė between Samogitians and the Livonian Brothers of the Sword took place close to Šiauliai.

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Lithuanian Ashkenazi Jews even have attention-grabbing genetics, since they show a number of distinctive genetic characteristics; the utility of those variations has been the topic of debate. One variation, which is implicated in familial hypercholesterolemia, has been dated to the 14th century, comparable to the institution of Ashkenazi settlements in response to the invitation extended by Vytautas the Great in 1388.

Another crown was sent, however Vytautas died within the Trakai Island Castle several days before it reached Lithuania. From the late twelfth century, an organized Lithuanian navy pressure existed; it was used for external raids, plundering and the gathering of slaves. Such navy and pecuniary actions fostered social differentiation and triggered a wrestle for power in Lithuania. This initiated the formation of early statehood, from which the Grand Duchy of Lithuania developed.

Of the Ruthenian provinces, Volhynia was most closely built-in with Lithuania proper. Branches of the Gediminid household as well as different Lithuanian and Ruthenian magnate clans finally became established there. The unique Union of Krewo of 1385 was renewed and redefined on several events, however every time with little readability due to the competing Polish and Lithuanian interests. Fresh arrangements had been agreed to in the „unions“ of Vilnius , Horodło , Grodno and Vilnius .

A power battle between Shvarn and Traidenis resulted; it led to a victory for the latter. Traidenis‘ reign (1269–1282) was the longest and most secure in the course of the interval of unrest. Tradenis reunified all Lithuanian lands, repeatedly raided Ruthenia and Poland with success, defeated the Teutonic Knights in Prussia and in Livonia on the Battle of Aizkraukle in 1279. He also turned the ruler of Yotvingia, Semigalia and jap Prussia.

The Uniate Church, necessary within the Belarusian part of the former Grand Duchy, was included into the Orthodox Church in 1839. In 1812, the Lithuanians eagerly welcomed Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grande Armée as liberators, with many becoming a member of the French invasion of Russia.

Čiurlionis was a nationally famend musician and artist in Lithuania. His symphonic compositions, Jūra („The sea“) and Miške („In the forest“), have been the primary full length lithuanian women items from a Lithuanian musician. Jūra („The sea“) and Miške („In the forest“) were composed to characterize Lithuania’s landscape.

An extraordinary determine in the cultural life of Lithuania within the 16th century was the lawyer and poet of Spanish origin Petrus Roysius Maurus Alcagnicensis (round 1505 – 1571). The publicist, lawyer, and mayor of Vilnius, Augustinus Rotundus (round ) wrote a not existent historical past of Lithuania in Latin around the year 1560.

Lithuania took benefit of the Ruhr Crisis in western Europe and captured the Klaipėda Region, a territory indifferent from East Prussia by the phrases of the Treaty of Versailles and placed underneath a French administration sponsored by the League of Nations. The region was included as an autonomous district of Lithuania in May 1924.